It’s one of those things.

This year has not been a good blogging year for some reason. i’ve fallen out of love with the documentation process, i guess. purpose, generally speaking, seems to be eluding me. so much is meh.

  • art is meh
  • work is meh
  • computers are meh
  • data is meh
  • politics is meh
  • etc is meh

i work on automation now. making things flow easy so i can have more time to think.

but what about?

more linux

last night the villagers finally came for my frankenbuntu linux install and now i’m running a fresh clean fedora. yay.


backups, archives, and updates.

i’m a builder of a shanty town that only i live in.

Train Puzzle

Summer’s here.

I’ve been dying for a project and/or anything that can break up the monotony, however, when something comes along I find myself too fatigued to do anything.

I’m struck by the concept of sharing and how it’s changed from the idea of owning somethign of value and giving it to others for their use to something that’s needy in search of a desperate acceptance.

I do a lot of work that I’d like to post immediately so people can see it and love me and be my friend but something prevents me. Even when I do, however, there’s often just silence. This destroys me and makes me desperate to work and share more. Don’t stop lest you become invisible!!!

This isn’t a people problem it’s a corporate/technological problem.

In other news, the garden is making progress.