Workin’ on the Link Farm

In a former life I was called into a meeting with superiors and asked why I wasn’t trying to spread out the company’s url as far as I could. Why couldn’t we make a million different sites and all have them link back to our one main site? After all, it’s SEO! We need SEO! We need buzzwords!

My reply? Because that’s shady as hell and ruins the internet for everyone. Don’t be that guy, man. Don’t be that guy.

But I digress. Other than to say, if you find yourself workin’ on a link farm you should probably be asking yourself some serious questions.

I mean, I get it. I want love from the search engines too! I mean, for me, twitter is mostly my replacement for going out on a sidewalk with a sandwich board boldly declaring the end is here! No one cares. I’m adrift in a the lonely, plastic-filled ocean called the internet. I talk to myself and the flotsam and jetsam that nears my lifeboat. But I find comfort in that obscurity.

Wikipedia entry on Link Farm

Also, here’s the cool graphic that wikipedia uses to show a link farm: