Mass Repetition

The tallest building around is 22 stories. In between here and there everything is the same.

Our favorite color is beige and we want our houses to look almost identical so that we can keep real estate prices stable.

We don’t like standing out. Not that we hate it in theory but in practice we don’t want to take the risk. This is also why we have an overactive fantasy life–50 Shades is big around here.

We want convenience but not by our homes so everything is dished out on the highways. To prevent congestion the store centers have multiple locations up and down said highways. If you find yourself nearby you’re most difficult decisions are whether or not to go to the McDonald’s north of you or south. These decisions are usually determined by whether or not you prefer the staff in one or another location. Or, if you’re feeling exotic, you’ll drive 6 miles towards the “far away” one.

For quaint flavor small but ancient towns are thrown about every 10 miles or so. Their downtowns are either hollowed out shells of “what once was” or some revitalized kitsch. Houses in these towns reflect the old glory of yesteryear while spewing forth a nostalgic depression for a time we only imagine existed. This is a convenient escape.

We have “farmer’s markets” that no farmers actually attend.