Summer Storms

The power may go out at any minute–we’ve already had the lights dim several times.

Whenever I get the feeling that I’m missing something by not being in contact with others I saunter onto the internet (twitter, reddit, etc.) and am quickly converted back into finding complete solace with my isolated lifestyle.

Ego is the mind-killer and desperation is the root of all evil.

**for further blunt reference: money == desperation.

Regardless, the notion of business logic depresses me. Coding is more than that. It’s more than frameworks and models and the like.

But can one search the soul through code? What measure of AI will bring about a spiritual connection or reckoning?

Ceasar Augustus

As I was watching a man climb out of a car’s back window and throw an iphone into the bushes I had a thought:

What if dinosaurs didn’t actually exist. What if their eggs are actually the fossilized remnants of some defective “grow your own dinosaur in water” pills–just on a grander scale. Something that the giants of old would have had fun with.

This concept seemed as plausible as any other at that moment in time.

Had I gone mad? Maybe. But the sign flashed at me indicated that it was the deuces I was dealing with so I wasn’t too alarmed.

The biggest problem I’m facing is that I’m completely dissatisfied with the state of computing. I’m not sure I can find the right way to write the programs I want. There’s no proper language of the soul.

The world needs another app like it needs a hole in the head and the chaps over at MIT are too busy with their circle jerk to notice the nature of the beast.

Maybe this is why I draw pictures of prostitutes.