i often forget who i am and run off on empty quests because i dream myself into another person’s life.

but when hard pressed i couldn’t easily explain myself or know myself any better than the mythical strangers that i wear as masks.

and my mind
  has been wandering
back into times before this times
and i wonder who
that person was
that was

i ponder nothing anymore since my experiences have been shrunk to a certain small square footage that i occupy for more than 18 hours per day.

even walking the perimeter has gotten tedious.

what is this existence other than passing time and taking pills to go to sleep and get it over with?

Late Thoughts

I’ve been on a spree lately. Production has come fast and hard and I feel the need to keep the process going as long as I stand it.

Running out of actual money has made the desire to create more accute. I have to hone in on what is possible for free. And what I imagined to be barren has ended up being a fertile wonderland.

So much for time off. Upwards and Onwards!