It occurred to me that my last post was way less than profound. It was an oversimplification of territory that was much better covered by Pessoa. But, regardless, writing as I do at odd times and with whatever comes to mind sometimes breeds results that are awkward and undesirable.

Oh well (visible shrug and sigh)

My current work is finding out the crucial points of evolution in my life by archiving as much of my family history as possible.

Somewhere in my pre-teens/teens I changed. Depression hit me. I became dissociative and disaffective. Life just had to be gotten through.

It’s more curious to me now than anything else. I assume it was the full frontal attack on my person by classmates, etc combined with a stoic pseudo-norwegian upbringing. But one can never be too sure of these things.

Regardless, I want to find the exact moment that my face changed. From smiling, happy kid to blank, emotionless person.