without a doubt i can always count on a period of exhaustion immediately after a period of decent progress. if not checked the end result is an undoing of all gains that were made.

and in these two states lies my dueling beliefs on art/computing/everything

(progress and purpose) vs (absurdity and despair)

regardless, in the above diagram the functions for action while in the midst of the depressed state are those of mindlessness. not in any pseudo-religious sense but rather the mindlessness of routine tasks.

on the one hand are home functions: cleaning, maintenance, etc. all are either known or include instructions that are easy to follow–i can lose myself washing dishes.

the other, art, is also mindless in that while in the positive state i abound in ideas lacking only enough time to execute them and execution is, for the most part, a simple task.

this is the loop.

aside from that, and forgotten on the chart, is the necessity of automating any and all other tasks that need to be done while the depressed state is still in effect but that will be broken out in another chart somewhere down the line.