Aphorisms on Systems

  • everything is a system and all systems must be maintained.
  • equilibrium is the true chaos
  • a closed system is a system that hasn’t discovered it’s exit
  • the absurd is the true purpose of a loop
  • every person’s true purpose is to create, maintain, change or destroy a system
  • systems are all known/unknown aspects of life and the universe
  • the more foolish and inefficient a system is–the more dominant it becomes.
  • the most foolish system is the one that insists it can escape all others
  • Do Easy, as proposed by William Burroughs, exemplifies the traits of the best systems
  • there are no hidden or overarching systems. just endless combinations of systems taped together
  • at best, knowledge of a system(s) can allow for their manipulation which is, of course, just another system.
  • any system that is able to dominate and control another system is itself able to be controlled.
  • there is no system that believes that it can be controlled by another system(s).