Command< | >Line

i find a hypnotic peacefulness in the blinking of a cursor.

which, i believe, is why my mind draws a blank when it comes time to put something down in the old text processor.

and so much
    can be
  said about formatting  
        when it's hypnotic
  and graciously absent
            of graphics

but even now, i resumed writing this (from the above)

because i’m in awe of the fact that we, contemporary people, settle in to no permanent home online. but instead choose to scatter versions of ourselves around indiscriminately.

business here, sexy there, raving lunatic there, etc.

and the vision is that of each of us being a sower–scattering the seeds of our identities about so that no cohesive person can emerge.

I am a useless machine


The world needs another app like it needs a hole in the head.

A generative process is a process that defines it’s creator as an asshole.

Meaning can’t be created or destroyed or transferred.

Art is more or less a waste of time.

You don’t have to die to be forgotten.

Abstraction has reached peak iterative process.

Realism is circling the drain of irrelevance.

Leif Rogers is a fool not an artist.

We’d all rather have than have not.

Computing is the ability to waste resources more efficiently.

You’re defined by the language you code in.

Standing in the rain makes more sense than running in the sun.

I spend my waking hours wishing I was asleep.

Everything is a bore including this post.

Bots are more human than most humans.

Sentiment analysis makes something out of nothing.

Art is great as long as someone else is buying.

If an artwork is shut away in a museum’s storage locker does it exist?

A style is an equation.

Equations can emote.

If it was good once it should be good for at least another million times.

You can’t unsee art.

Nature no longer defines us.

Nostalgia is a force of evil.

Art, like computing, is defined by your ability to set access permissions for your users.

In art all functions are private.