for the life of me i can’t see any reason for a person to specialize. it forces bad habits. it creates problems where one can only see or think or hear the world through the sphere of their specialization.

for my part, i see all things as systems. in art, the minute something gets established the “system” is created and everything from thereon out is given “the treatment”. for this reason neural style generators are perfect tools. after 5 landscapes by van Gogh everyone pretty much has a good idea about the 6th, 7th and 500th. Same for Monet, Pollock, etc. etc. etc. on down to me and you.

the machine is good for repeating a system. man, for better or worse, is not because it makes us boring when we do.


choices should be seen in the negative. not what you are choosing but, rather, what you are refusing. refuse is always more interesting than the kept object. what was it? why was it tossed? who thought it was good in the first place?

through this you see the millions of choices that no longer exist. your future is now determined and a new set of choices predicated on the previous one exist in its place.


I haven’t clicked on every link on this page however i’m certain that all the links are dead are, at least 98% of them.

a lot of them link to colleges and from the looks of it were some student and/or professor page who at one point in time believed in the internet enough to try something but now, having moved on, let time cover up it’s existence. the link, therefore, is a tombstone that only reveals the sunken ground where the tomb has collapsed in on itself.

and this will happen to us all.


it's like i'm supposed to
give a fuck
about the work
i'm forced into doing
because i was a fool
and went off
chasing dreams
at art school


i vaguely remember a time before this time where i wasn’t tracked everywhere i go. where i wouldn’t immediately receive coupons in the mail for the exact items that i purchased from the store a few days before. where i wouldn’t be asked to check-in, rate my experience, log my calories, track my steps, share my interests, buy this product, transform my life, watch this ad, etc. etc. etc.

search results are more useless now than the early days of the internet.

our existence serves only one purpose - to make someone else money through direct manipulation of our lives.

kmart is your savings store.
where your dollar buys you more.


more rain and i wonder about amazon and the divide between how developers are viewed vs how the warehouse workers are viewed.

regardless, bezos is the new god who grants mediocre blessings to his prime followers.

and through my own stupidity i find myself with nothing but rented culture. unowned bits flying down the wires and through the air that are illegal to capture for longer than a moment.

the old strip club law of you can’t touch the girls applies now to the stream of media.

you’re only permanent as long as you keep paying.

the caretaker

The Caretaker is an amazing artist. the work on perception, nostalgia, memory, etc. is beyond words.


after much procrastination i’ve finally decided to sit down and learn the emacs.

i find myself less and less interested in a computer with smooth graphics and eyecandy. maybe i’m becoming an old?

regardless, i write this now in Kate (update 6/15/18 - see below) as I’ve given up on Atom. I loved Atom but the lack terminal integration was a hindrance to the hugo workflow and in the previous post about stations you’ll understand that this makes sense.

of course, the markdown preview functions in Kate are severely lacking but, perhaps, i’ll write some sort of plugin for it. who knows? i’m crazy and unpredictable. see this rulebook? yeah, right out the mother flipping window.

in other news, my raspberry pi camera cable is shot to hell so that’s a hindrance that I wasn’t wanting but i’m moving on past that.

get action or get dying.


i’ve switched again. pretty much just use emacs now. good ol’ esoteric but wonderful emacs.


crying man
can’t take it anymore
this world is shit
and the blood is on our hands.

Moving Along

  • All things progress.
  • Cope with change or die.
  • Always keep moving
  • constants are liars
  • style is repetition of past mistakes
  • a bird in the hand is worth 5 in the tree.