rainbows and lollipops

somewhere on my drive today i had a vision about existence. it was one of those hippy type deals but without all the drugs–just straight, sober, mind-numbing traffic.

it was about islands and inhabiting them. how we’re all rebuilding tools over and over and over again.

on the site for the atom editor i did a quick search for vue.js packages (because, mostly, i am experimenting with a vue/electron app) and found the predictable millions of results (slight exaggeration but also mostly true). i haven’t used any of these so i can’t review them, however, on first glance - what is the best? superficially it’d be the one with the most downloads and/or stars – depending on the ratio of downloads to stars that you personally judge by.

fundamentally i have no problem with this other than the slight annoyance of picking the best tool amidst a sea of tools. however, the problem is with how much redundant work there is - the flood of packages, libraries, frameworks, etc. is incredible waste. but when one believes they’re an island they have no other choice but to reinvent the wheel.

Focus Pulling

For the past year I’ve been a student of desperation. It’s an amazing drive/emotion that has the power to completely kill rational thought.

As such, I’ve become very interested in the pay-to-play tactics of the modern internet. Facebook pages, Instagram for business, youtube, vimeo, 500px, the plethora of art/print-on-demand nonsense, etc. can fill your life with more hopelessness than you can imagine.

It’s all selling shovels and pick-axes to prospectors.


The Dev Blog stopped making sense to me a while back but I’m persisting while I figure out some organizational things and data stuff.

But, one thing behind it is that it’s a static site. It uses Spress to generate all of these delightful posts from markdown files that I make up whenever I have a hankerin’ to do so.

It’s wonderful. Complete control and the ability to create ridiculously optimized html.

But it also lacks the random nature of life that I love. I must always tell it what to do. Make this file, build this site, upload these files, etc.

I suppose this is good for 99% of people and websites in the world but it’s not good for me all the time.

Life, for me, has become databases, text files and equations. Past that it is a study of randomness and the soul-how the organic flows through time and interacts with forces that it can’t control.

Once I’m done with this file, it’ll be saved then built. It will not change forever. However, due to the flexibility of raw files and data, it can be carried with me forever and displayed whenever I want.

Dynamic, however, relies on elements above and beyond our control. It’s no longer just a text file but a process, a server, bits of code.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. This is, basically, what the web has become.

In other news, I don’t know where I’m going with this.

The End