I haven’t clicked on every link on this page however i’m certain that all the links are dead are, at least 98% of them.

a lot of them link to colleges and from the looks of it were some student and/or professor page who at one point in time believed in the internet enough to try something but now, having moved on, let time cover up it’s existence. the link, therefore, is a tombstone that only reveals the sunken ground where the tomb has collapsed in on itself.

and this will happen to us all.


i often forget who i am and run off on empty quests because i dream myself into another person’s life.

but when hard pressed i couldn’t easily explain myself or know myself any better than the mythical strangers that i wear as masks.

and my mind
  has been wandering
back into times before this times
and i wonder who
that person was
that was

i ponder nothing anymore since my experiences have been shrunk to a certain small square footage that i occupy for more than 18 hours per day.

even walking the perimeter has gotten tedious.

what is this existence other than passing time and taking pills to go to sleep and get it over with?