i’ve gotten tired of being told what i can and can’t do with computers and, to a greater extent, life.

the promise of computing was that it would set you free from the tyranny of pointless labor. it has, instead, increased our labor a thousand fold but i’ll be elaborating on that in another post.

one’s life isn’t simply a sum of experiences but also a sum of what how those experiences were directed and, anymore, those experiences are directed in the manner that directly manipulates people to be nothing more than one dimensional brands.


for blogging i use hugo it’s speedy, static and command line oriented.

this, however, is a carry over from the past before i pushed myself into the efficient world of emacs and all that and now i find myself working more and more into the world of org which has led me to the world of ox-hugo.

basically, the beauty of this is that you can set up your entire blog in an org file and call it a day. the ease of this is destroyed by the need to tag and add properties to all the things.

i see it both as useful and a hassle - like most computing.

regardless, as i attempt to bring more and more of my records, writings, etc. online the need for efficient methods increases as the desire for groovy hand-crafted code dies.

this is depressing but…what can you do?