dream landscape

I like to think that this is all a dream.

That, somehow, if I were to wake up that it’d be 1986 again and everything would be ok.

None of that is true, however, this reality of ours is what we’ve got and it’s relentless. We fool ourselves with pleasantries–pick and choose our beliefs from whichever hip philosophy makes us feel good.

Whatever the popular notion of time currently is there is no denying two facts: it passes and things change over it. Cells move around my body, atoms move around the univers, etc. and other grandiose things.

All that remains is data. Effects from our causes. Paper, books, words, rotten food, closed doors, decaying bodies, preserved skeletons, golden records flying through space…

C.S. Lewis claimed that the people of the Middle Ages were bookish. He hasn’t seen the people of the 21st century.

I suspect that this mode of communication will one day break down. Regardless of whatever else happens, when the end comes there’s no saving 1s and 0s travelling down a wire and magnetic forces can only last for so long.

Clay tablets, man. Clay tablets.