I’ve taken to keeping a flock of parakeets now. It’s nice - they’re smart, psychotic, little creatures. Always up to something. Except when they’re not - which is a lot of the time.

I’m focusing now. Might update later.

It’s later. I’m tired of cloud solutions and cloud providers. I understand their necessity but I find the jargon and what not annoying. I’ve also fallen out of favor with cloud storage solutions. It’s all fun and games until you realize you can never stop. The more photos you take the more storage you need - the more storage you need the more you pay for storage - the more storage you have the harder it is to free yourself from the system. Sure, 2 terabytes of storage is impressive until you need to download it all on a crumby Comcast connection that limits you, btw, to 1 terabyte a month.

Maybe, in my old age, I’m just regressing back into a physical media junky. Drop me off at the 1-hour photo stand, I got some film to develop.