10 Print

got nostalgic for the commodore 64 and wrote a javascript/html variation of 10 Print.

it can be found on my github here

while the original code is this:

10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 1

the javascript version is also one line but demanded some css, etc to make it look decent in the browser. also, microsoft edge kills it completely. both of these things bother me but i’m not sure why. maybe the simplicity of the console versus the formatting hell that is the window? longing for a simpler age? getting crushed by nostalgia for something that never truly existed?

regardless, i made a thing. huzzah.


a fortune cookie that i opened on my birthday dinner said to tie up loose ends. if that’s not an omen, i’m not sure what is. regardless, i’ve been doing just that.

in the meantime, my car decided to die so there’s the unwelcome repair bill and the lack of vehicle for the past couple days, which, in reality, is a welcome change. my average use of the car is to go to work or to a supermarket (which i’ve documented here on behance)

the result of which is that i don’t see a purpose to me having a car. especially since most my life is spent on the computer. sigh, but we must have our societal trappings and this is an automobile forward culture.

i’ve also been eyeballing the amount of splenda that i put in my tea lately. since i pour it out of a huge bag this results in copious amounts of the stuff in my cup. i have yet to decide whether this is good or bad.


when asked why i’ve moved to github, i can’t say for sure.

also, when asked, i can’t say for sure why my disillusionment with hugo has come about. the tool chain is weak for working off the cuff, methinks.

hither and yon.

i need more freedom. too many things are binding and restrictive. adobe exists on microsoft and macs, emacs works well but best on a gnu/linux system, gans are great but mostly if you’re running off of an nvidia gpu, etc. etc. etc.

this doesn’t even scratch the surface of popular blogging interfaces.

wordpress can die in a fire but, mostly, all the rest of them are just as - if not more - miserable.


long time no update, had a show, etc.

pushing work now into a new direction. more later.


no part of my life has been allowed to rest easy for more than a few moments at a time. whether interrupted by actual tragedy or the learned behavior of waiting for the other shoe to drop anxiety is ready to come in at any time to destroy those times and ruin them forever.

since childhood i’ve been closely watched by it and kept under its thumb. from terrible sickness, death, loneliness, etc. i am forced to believe that there is no other kind of life for me but one of constant unease and motion.

and i believe this is reflected in my work more than any other theme. i can’t settle, i don’t hold to any theories or beliefs, there is nothing in man worth saving. we readily destroy all things that are good like angry toddlers wanting more candy and being denied.

i’m a vagrant, a wanderer, constantly searching for something that’s definition has been lost a long time ago.

Data Entry

so much of life is the entry of data into a system. input -> black box -> output

i wonder what some of the bizarre struggles are even for. is it just to punch at something and in doing so find the purpose that exists only in punching?

idealism is best reserved for chewing gum and horse races.

Paint Over It

not to keep harping on the subject of emacs but there’s something nice and quiet about a text editor. nothing is flashing or begging for attention. it’s simply how you want it.

it might take a while to set up, get knowledge, find the right process, etc.but that’s the nature of setting up a studio and working practice.

the benefits being that once you know what you want and how you work - your work becomes that much more efficient.

 |     -------       --/       \--       +------------+-----------------+
 |  --/       \--   /             \      |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
 | /          .. \  |        .  ..|      |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
 | |         .   |  \         ..../    +-|%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
 | \             /   --\       /--     / |%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
 |  --\       /--       -------       |  |%%%     %%%%%%%%%      %%%%%%%|
 |     -------                        |  |%%      %%%%%%%        %%%%%%%|
 \           .                    .   /  |%%   %  %%%%%%%  %%%    %%%%%%|
  \-          ..               ....  |   |%%%    %%% %%%%        %%%%%%%|
    \-          ..          ....     |   |%%%%%%%%%  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
      \-          ...    ...         |   |%%%%%%%%  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
        \            .....           /   |%%%%%%%%  %%%  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
         \-                         |    |%%%%%%%%%     %%%%%%% %%%%%%%%|
           \-                  /----+    |%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  %%%%%%%%|
             \-      /---------          |%%%  %%%%%%%%%%%%%   %%%%%%%%%|
               ------                    |%%%%    %%%%%%%    %%%%%%%%%%%|
                                         |%%%%%%%         %%%%%%%%%%%%%%|

Nyan Cat Mode Thing

on a whim i enabled nyan-mode in emacs. in life it’s a tired old fad but still amusing to this hermit.

my computing life is now done in emacs. perhaps i’ll finally write that book?


           -.%. ..                    -.m-.
            .-+--..                  -.m.%- .
         ..++*%*#%                  +-+-m%+ ..
         - %m####*..               .-m#####*
         . ###%%#*-        -        -.+*##+.
           -+-m.*++ .     . -.      .+-.mmm%
           .+*.+...                  . +..+
              -.           + .          ..
                           +  .
                             .        .
                           .        . .-
              .                  . -.-+-+.
                 -. ..   ...  -  .--%##m-
             .. *-   .-++m  .....-.-#m*-.
               - #*mm-%.-+.-m-- -m###-...
              . .mm#---+#***###%+##**.m.
                .  -..-*m..m.%+-%+-...-
                 ..  . -.-.+- .- -m.
                 .... -.+ - -.-.
the ridiculous nature
    of blasting social media     -      on social media
        control over
     to gain freedom
++++++++++++++++instagram models+++++++++++++++++++++++++

Piholes and Glitches

until i either decide on a better use for my raspberry pi and/or i buy another one(s) my current pi is serving out its life as a pihole and this suits me fine.

for lack of a better purpose (or any) i have decided to take up the cause of the anti-advertising/tracking warrior. my ethos is less about anti-advertising and more about freedom, privacy, and decentralisation. regardless, a game is now afoot.

and then there’s glitches. i’m rewriting the glitch engine along with working on a containerized version of the program for portability. this was inspired by a message on tumblr asking for help with the install. long story short, windows is a hassle.

run deep - run free, my dudes.


more rain and i wonder about amazon and the divide between how developers are viewed vs how the warehouse workers are viewed.

regardless, bezos is the new god who grants mediocre blessings to his prime followers.

and through my own stupidity i find myself with nothing but rented culture. unowned bits flying down the wires and through the air that are illegal to capture for longer than a moment.

the old strip club law of you can’t touch the girls applies now to the stream of media.

you’re only permanent as long as you keep paying.