choices should be seen in the negative. not what you are choosing but, rather, what you are refusing. refuse is always more interesting than the kept object. what was it? why was it tossed? who thought it was good in the first place?

through this you see the millions of choices that no longer exist. your future is now determined and a new set of choices predicated on the previous one exist in its place.


long time no update, had a show, etc.

pushing work now into a new direction. more later.

Aphorisms on Terrible Decisions

beginning note:

my work is shifting to the body and losing focus on the body within an environment.

  • the terrible decision is in the eye of the beholder.
  • one man’s addiction is another man’s money maker.
  • no one loves an aging hipster.
  • if it can mold it shouldn’t be eaten.
  • yolo on the rollo

testing the tests

the working methods that i abide by, that rule me, are mercurial.

i appreciate sitting at a computer working until, suddenly, i don’t and nothing can make me continue.

the same goes for most anything else.

the biggest issue is not being able to begin work when the inspiration and/or desire strikes. any resistance to the process is akin to killing all together. this reality leads to the creation of ‘stations’. each station exists for the sole purpose of meeting the demand of inspiration.

without such stations the task of creation would be that much harder.

a station must exist to meet only one purpose: writing, painting, computing, etc. hence, no extra clutter that distracts.