i vaguely remember a time before this time where i wasn’t tracked everywhere i go. where i wouldn’t immediately receive coupons in the mail for the exact items that i purchased from the store a few days before. where i wouldn’t be asked to check-in, rate my experience, log my calories, track my steps, share my interests, buy this product, transform my life, watch this ad, etc. etc. etc.

search results are more useless now than the early days of the internet.

our existence serves only one purpose - to make someone else money through direct manipulation of our lives.

kmart is your savings store.
where your dollar buys you more.


more rain and i wonder about amazon and the divide between how developers are viewed vs how the warehouse workers are viewed.

regardless, bezos is the new god who grants mediocre blessings to his prime followers.

and through my own stupidity i find myself with nothing but rented culture. unowned bits flying down the wires and through the air that are illegal to capture for longer than a moment.

the old strip club law of you can’t touch the girls applies now to the stream of media.

you’re only permanent as long as you keep paying.