So much

of course this post never got written. smh.


I need a better chair for my studio. Something ridiculous but on wheels and able to be sat in while wearing multiple blankets.



i’m still alive but my computer situation is now changed.


I write this a day late and a dollar short.

Extra Data






It occurred to me that my last post was way less than profound. It was an oversimplification of territory that was much better covered by Pessoa. But, regardless, writing as I do at odd times and with whatever comes to mind sometimes breeds results that are awkward and undesirable.

Oh well (visible shrug and sigh)

My current work is finding out the crucial points of evolution in my life by archiving as much of my family history as possible.

Somewhere in my pre-teens/teens I changed. Depression hit me. I became dissociative and disaffective. Life just had to be gotten through.

It’s more curious to me now than anything else. I assume it was the full frontal attack on my person by classmates, etc combined with a stoic pseudo-norwegian upbringing. But one can never be too sure of these things.

Regardless, I want to find the exact moment that my face changed. From smiling, happy kid to blank, emotionless person.


Aside from the events of this past weekend (see charlottesville) these past few weeks have passed with in a blur. Projects have kept me away from my work and thoughts. Which, I suppose, is a good thing.

In leisure I explore the Internet Archive and came across old FBI commie files. The only real amazing discovery in them was that almost everyone seemed way to eager to turn in their friends and neighbors.

Which makes me wonder about the darkness. Darkness being everything from secrets and taboos to things that get locked up tight by laws and classifications.

This won’t be a deep discussion as I write this in haste and I must get back to tending on my data.


Ceasar Augustus

As I was watching a man climb out of a car’s back window and throw an iphone into the bushes I had a thought:

What if dinosaurs didn’t actually exist. What if their eggs are actually the fossilized remnants of some defective “grow your own dinosaur in water” pills–just on a grander scale. Something that the giants of old would have had fun with.

This concept seemed as plausible as any other at that moment in time.

Had I gone mad? Maybe. But the sign flashed at me indicated that it was the deuces I was dealing with so I wasn’t too alarmed.

The biggest problem I’m facing is that I’m completely dissatisfied with the state of computing. I’m not sure I can find the right way to write the programs I want. There’s no proper language of the soul.

The world needs another app like it needs a hole in the head and the chaps over at MIT are too busy with their circle jerk to notice the nature of the beast.

Maybe this is why I draw pictures of prostitutes.