when asked why i’ve moved to github, i can’t say for sure.

also, when asked, i can’t say for sure why my disillusionment with hugo has come about. the tool chain is weak for working off the cuff, methinks.

hither and yon.

i need more freedom. too many things are binding and restrictive. adobe exists on microsoft and macs, emacs works well but best on a gnu/linux system, gans are great but mostly if you’re running off of an nvidia gpu, etc. etc. etc.

this doesn’t even scratch the surface of popular blogging interfaces.

wordpress can die in a fire but, mostly, all the rest of them are just as - if not more - miserable.


it’s late, can’t sleep regardless of how much sleeping dope i take. it’s tedious and absurd. chewed through 2 packs of gum. blood sugar low - didn’t want to consume more calories but the choice between calories or the implications of low blood sugar make for easy decisions.

new hard drive for photo work/video work on aurora. wonder what the point is. haven’t painted in a while - why have more paintings sit molding in the basement?


Deep Dive

i’m rewriting everything.


for blogging i use hugo it’s speedy, static and command line oriented.

this, however, is a carry over from the past before i pushed myself into the efficient world of emacs and all that and now i find myself working more and more into the world of org which has led me to the world of ox-hugo.

basically, the beauty of this is that you can set up your entire blog in an org file and call it a day. the ease of this is destroyed by the need to tag and add properties to all the things.

i see it both as useful and a hassle - like most computing.

regardless, as i attempt to bring more and more of my records, writings, etc. online the need for efficient methods increases as the desire for groovy hand-crafted code dies.

this is depressing but…what can you do?

Data Entry

so much of life is the entry of data into a system. input -> black box -> output

i wonder what some of the bizarre struggles are even for. is it just to punch at something and in doing so find the purpose that exists only in punching?

idealism is best reserved for chewing gum and horse races.

Flip Flop

  • simplicity of control (you have control over your system)
  • freedom to read, analyze and modify
  • privacy - you control who sees you and who wants to is spelled out without nonsense
  • profit for all => freedom and liberty


i interviewed to work in the factory of a box company once. they moment i knew i didn’t have the job was when they - having seen my resume and everything else - asked me what experience i had in cardboard.


so, i explained, in-depth, about how i had been using cardboard since i was a child. i loved storing things in it. building houses and mazes, using pieces to build projects and other crafts, etc.

you could see the anger and condescension in their eyes.

but what did they expect? that was, in truth, my experience in cardboard.

computers are cardboard.

Nyan Cat Mode Thing

on a whim i enabled nyan-mode in emacs. in life it’s a tired old fad but still amusing to this hermit.

my computing life is now done in emacs. perhaps i’ll finally write that book?


           -.%. ..                    -.m-.
            .-+--..                  -.m.%- .
         ..++*%*#%                  +-+-m%+ ..
         - %m####*..               .-m#####*
         . ###%%#*-        -        -.+*##+.
           -+-m.*++ .     . -.      .+-.mmm%
           .+*.+...                  . +..+
              -.           + .          ..
                           +  .
                             .        .
                           .        . .-
              .                  . -.-+-+.
                 -. ..   ...  -  .--%##m-
             .. *-   .-++m  .....-.-#m*-.
               - #*mm-%.-+.-m-- -m###-...
              . .mm#---+#***###%+##**.m.
                .  -..-*m..m.%+-%+-...-
                 ..  . -.-.+- .- -m.
                 .... -.+ - -.-.
the ridiculous nature
    of blasting social media     -      on social media
        control over
     to gain freedom
++++++++++++++++instagram models+++++++++++++++++++++++++

Piholes and Glitches

until i either decide on a better use for my raspberry pi and/or i buy another one(s) my current pi is serving out its life as a pihole and this suits me fine.

for lack of a better purpose (or any) i have decided to take up the cause of the anti-advertising/tracking warrior. my ethos is less about anti-advertising and more about freedom, privacy, and decentralisation. regardless, a game is now afoot.

and then there’s glitches. i’m rewriting the glitch engine along with working on a containerized version of the program for portability. this was inspired by a message on tumblr asking for help with the install. long story short, windows is a hassle.

run deep - run free, my dudes.

Command< | >Line

i find a hypnotic peacefulness in the blinking of a cursor.

which, i believe, is why my mind draws a blank when it comes time to put something down in the old text processor.

and so much
    can be
  said about formatting  
        when it's hypnotic
  and graciously absent
            of graphics

but even now, i resumed writing this (from the above)

because i’m in awe of the fact that we, contemporary people, settle in to no permanent home online. but instead choose to scatter versions of ourselves around indiscriminately.

business here, sexy there, raving lunatic there, etc.

and the vision is that of each of us being a sower–scattering the seeds of our identities about so that no cohesive person can emerge.