10 Print

got nostalgic for the commodore 64 and wrote a javascript/html variation of 10 Print.

it can be found on my github here

while the original code is this:

10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 1

the javascript version is also one line but demanded some css, etc to make it look decent in the browser. also, microsoft edge kills it completely. both of these things bother me but i’m not sure why. maybe the simplicity of the console versus the formatting hell that is the window? longing for a simpler age? getting crushed by nostalgia for something that never truly existed?

regardless, i made a thing. huzzah.

Running of the Bots

At the moment I only have two bots on Twitter.

  • All Proper Names
  • Sentimental Trump

The first is a listing of all possible combinations of names from popular name lists found on the internet and the second is a analyses the sentiment of each of Donald Trump’s tweets.

At the moment they both seem relatively useless but at 3am last night they seemed like brilliant ideas.

This is how these things go.

What I find interesting about bots is their sheer uselessness altogether. Yes, bots that alert people to danger, etc. are useful but only to the degree that they don’t get drowned out by other bots.

I imagine the scene to look a lot like a bombing run where the people on a mission are having to navigate through heavy flak.

But the signal/noise commentary is very overdone so I’ll stop.

Although I toss around the word “useless” (7 points in scrabble barring being on any of the fancy squares) I appreciate the useless far more than the useful.

Useless is interesting. It’s the stuff that leads to great thoughts and art. It’s the unexpected glitch and long sought for ‘accident’.

Useful is banal. It’s the facebooks of the world that end up being just a daily drone of people’s eating habits. Showering us with an existential angst that says “you, little person, are nothing”.

I plan on tarrying in the useless for the time being.

expect more.

UPDATE: 7-12-18

The bots are and have been down for some time. Bots, by and large, are boring stuff.