a fortune cookie that i opened on my birthday dinner said to tie up loose ends. if that’s not an omen, i’m not sure what is. regardless, i’ve been doing just that.

in the meantime, my car decided to die so there’s the unwelcome repair bill and the lack of vehicle for the past couple days, which, in reality, is a welcome change. my average use of the car is to go to work or to a supermarket (which i’ve documented here on behance)

the result of which is that i don’t see a purpose to me having a car. especially since most my life is spent on the computer. sigh, but we must have our societal trappings and this is an automobile forward culture.

i’ve also been eyeballing the amount of splenda that i put in my tea lately. since i pour it out of a huge bag this results in copious amounts of the stuff in my cup. i have yet to decide whether this is good or bad.