Long Run

i hate ruin porn. the obsession of people to capture something that’s run down, destroyed, lost or just plain old makes me sick inside and yet i find myself chronicling the degradation of old copley hospital.

i can only think that what separates me from the ruin pornographers is that i only capture the external. i watch the flesh decompose without any desire to penetrate deeper and expose the fallen in ceilings or archetypal beams of light shining on some old toy or piece of furniture or, better yet, some old fashioned piano. that seems to be a thing people like to capture.

for me the building is akin to a person or, at least, the people who occupied the building so when it gets sick and dies i mourn the body and do not perversely obsess about the innards as if it were all some crazy adventure.

but i digress. what isn’t touched by amazon these days?

i foolishly announced my boycotting of amazon but once those words were uttered it occurred to me that their roots were now extensively embedded in our earth. sure, maybe i don’t buy from them anymore, probably let the prime membership lapse and even refuse to step into a whole foods but what of the internet? do i track down and refuse to use any service that’s located on their servers? netflix, apps, etc. etc. etc.? and how would that even be possible? even the mightiest of boycotters would be hard-pressed to completely abstain from amazonial congress.

their microplastic has infused us all and made us all toxic.