after much procrastination i’ve finally decided to sit down and learn the emacs.

i find myself less and less interested in a computer with smooth graphics and eyecandy. maybe i’m becoming an old?

regardless, i write this now in Kate (update 6/15/18 - see below) as I’ve given up on Atom. I loved Atom but the lack terminal integration was a hindrance to the hugo workflow and in the previous post about stations you’ll understand that this makes sense.

of course, the markdown preview functions in Kate are severely lacking but, perhaps, i’ll write some sort of plugin for it. who knows? i’m crazy and unpredictable. see this rulebook? yeah, right out the mother flipping window.

in other news, my raspberry pi camera cable is shot to hell so that’s a hindrance that I wasn’t wanting but i’m moving on past that.

get action or get dying.


i’ve switched again. pretty much just use emacs now. good ol’ esoteric but wonderful emacs.