memory related

as i’ve sought to simplify life through computing and removal of unnecessary attachments to superfluous fads i’ve noticed an increasing number of articles hitting the auto-recommended stories on my phone related to memory, digital noise, etc.

first and foremost this is obviously due to my online behavior (searches about noise studies, memory, etc.) so the timing is to be ignored, however, their abundance is interesting and, more importantly, their complete ineffectiveness is profound.

most things are like this: Social Media May Fade Memories


this is nothing new here. as a manic photographer i’ve heard a similar argument by non-psychotics - “you’ll never truly experience the moment because you’re too busy trying to capture it!” which, in my opinion, is straight up hippy nonsense. i’ll grant, however, that unless you’re mindful of your moments then you will forget them but that’s the key (regardless of photo, social, etc.) but i digress.

i find the photographic/recording process of time to be a memory aide that keeps the memory on a certain track of relative truthfulness. reviewing the photo or tape or whatever refreshes the feelings/experiences of the time and sets it back on the right moment that would otherwise be part of the error prone nature of recall without cues. once errors are introduced they also tend to compound and lead to further corruption of the memory.