i’m writing two different posts right now (this one and the one for yesterday)

this one, for all i know, might take me into tomorrow. nah. finish it up now. short and sweet.

i’ve tried twice now to automate a daily log about food, actions, etc and have so far been thwarted by it. i feel there’s some key in the banal details of my daily affairs. some sort of magical equation or theory that’ll erupt from the consistent practice of eating pop tarts and drinking coffee.

for the most part, however, i’m probably wrong. at best it’ll be reserved to the horror/awe that people express when they see the mentally ill make “outsider art”

“Holy hell!” they’ll say. “what made this man eat so many pop tarts? he must have been terribly sick”

But, then again, if it gets them to buy my art? i’ll take it. gotta pay off that debt somehow, amiright?