rainbows and lollipops

somewhere on my drive today i had a vision about existence. it was one of those hippy type deals but without all the drugs–just straight, sober, mind-numbing traffic.

it was about islands and inhabiting them. how we’re all rebuilding tools over and over and over again.

on the site for the atom editor i did a quick search for vue.js packages (because, mostly, i am experimenting with a vue/electron app) and found the predictable millions of results (slight exaggeration but also mostly true). i haven’t used any of these so i can’t review them, however, on first glance - what is the best? superficially it’d be the one with the most downloads and/or stars – depending on the ratio of downloads to stars that you personally judge by.

fundamentally i have no problem with this other than the slight annoyance of picking the best tool amidst a sea of tools. however, the problem is with how much redundant work there is - the flood of packages, libraries, frameworks, etc. is incredible waste. but when one believes they’re an island they have no other choice but to reinvent the wheel.