i had a post in my head all day long and now, when i sit to write it, everything is blank.

i believe it to be something about the usefulness of programs nowadays and/or their redundancy - as seen by how many text editors exist. Because, seriously, there are a ton of them. as for me, i’ve been favoring atom lately as i find it smooth and quiet - but don’t ask me to explain either because they’re those feelings that just sorta exist and once you try to corner them with definitions they vanish.

but in terms of development i see no point in reinventing the wheel. for exploration, sure, go ahead and code your bubblesorts and what not. those are fine learning lessons. but, shoot, another app that is just like the 5 million other apps? gah.

which, i now remembered, brings me to Google Home and all the other like-minded devices. i made an app (Game of Nonsense) a while back and am working on my next one. it’s a nonsense question and answer quiz type thing but was mostly fun but i get bored easy.

i wanted to make one that was a choose your own adventure type quest but am lacking in the funds to deal with appengine fees for the moment–maybe soon. and as for my other ideas, well, it may require getting the band back together.

regardless, as long as business logic reigns supreme and we all use our tech to order ubers and pizza and what not i can’t fathom anything interesting happening.