off twitter, facebook, etc. done. there’s no point - not in any old person angsty sense but, rather, in the sense that it doesn’t profit the individual in their goals.

one is rewarded for their conformity to a standard that’s consistent only with the medium that they’re operating in and all the while you’re being surveilled and sold. enough has been written on this so there’s no use to adding more to the stacks except to add my hatred of the self censoring that occurs on it. whether this is in the form of the instagram “my life is awesome” 9 hour posed photo of you jogging or the excessively rewritten tweet that gets immediately deleted if it gets no traction within the first 10 minutes of its existence - and so we worry.

couple that with the platforms being sold down the river by bots, bad actors and advertising and it’s no place for a human anymore.

recently i wandered through an exhibit at the philbrook museum in tulsa. the exhibit was about the “other 95%” of the art they have in the museum (ie. the stuff in storage) and one of the reasons they listed for some stuff never being seen was that it wasn’t of a good quality. i find this odd. it was, apparently, good enough for the museum to get/take it in the first place and yet now it isn’t. i will ramble about this later.

update 03/26/2018: i guess i’m back on facebook/twitter because loneliness and desperation.