time should be spent interacting with experiences that enrich. whether this is people, places, things, etc. if one is not growing one is wasting time.

so automation should bring people closer to focusing on what is important but whatever gains that get made are immediately lost in the creation of a new process or activity or task that one must do.

ex/ i carry a small computer around with me that frees me from the desk, however, now i must manage all of my friends/network via several different social media services while navigating through endless privacy changes, designs, interfaces, policies, etc.

i cut the cord from cable/satellite tv but am now faced with creating my own programming schedule via netflix and hulu and whatever else. plus the dilemma of keeping up with pop culture via the shows currently airing (OMG did you see what happened on The Walking Dead?) or, rather, a more contemporary issue - i cannot live tweet my amazement and/or outrage while the show is currently airing.

but these rules only exist in the cloud of social pressure. following the hashtags do nothing for growth and only serve to weaken one’s roots.