Just Maybe

I thought earlier about how every time I hear the word “influencer” in terms of someone on social media that I think about the “pusher” episodes of the x-files.

This achieved two things for me:

  • Making me feel terribly outdated. WTF, what was that? 20 years ago?
  • The realization that the dystopian future we all fear has already crept up and rubbed itself all over us in a very suggestive manner.

Turning the person into the brand was the last step. And I realize the full hypocrisy of myself as I write this on my “I’m totes an artist” website but let me persist for a second.

Meh. No I’m not.

This is exactly my point. It’s the psychological urge to be everything and nothing. To declare yourself and shout out “I AM A <adjective> <noun>.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I’m mostly just thinking about the x-files and not really giving a damn about this.

Keep watching the skies, bitch.