Trying to Remember

I seem to have forgotten something

The follow up question to a statement such as that is “what?”

And the reply to that is “if I knew, I wouldn’t have forgotten it.”

Insanity makes as much sense reason during times like this. And, having thought it through, seems to make more sense simply because it’s a distraction from actual mind killing reality.

Everyday is reduced to a set of tasks and formulas. High priority things such as drinking water, having food and sleep are obviously prioritized but after that the list gets hot and heavy.

Classes that can be generalized as maintenance are career, living quarters, transportation, health.

Each of those classes can be as simple or as complex as one wants. But regardless of how they get structured once the pattern is realized the slow evolution of one’s life turns towards the institutionalization of those patterns.

All of it is simply a passing of time.

This is why I can’t sleep.