Orgmode Made Me Bored

orgmode has left me cold. it’s beautiful in some ways but just another wild format that leaves you locked into bullshit. the older i get the more i realize that it’s necessary to cut out everything that holds me back.


The title or name or whatever of this post was supposed to be whatever my ctrl-v was. i was pretty sure it would be a from a text i had previously copied to renamed something but, apparently, it was nothing. my attempt to paste was yet another successful failure.

i’m finally getting around to updating my site. whee. hip hip hooray. blah.

i feel like i’ve been banished into something but i can’t exactly figure out what. until i do, i’ll work on javascript.



  • the burden of creating a system is nowhere near the burden of implementing said system.
  • the system is only as useful as its ability to be easily maintained.
  • nobody cares to or wants to maintain and build systems.


Social Distancing

that’s the name of the game these days. on the plus side i’m getting plenty of work done but on the minus side the depression is as great as ever. not actually because of the pandemic/covid-19 but mostly because the nature of the world is relentlessly foolish.

regardless. here we are.

on the plus side, i’ve started blogging again but, on the minus side, it’s blogging.

insert more noneventful comments here.


I’ve taken to keeping a flock of parakeets now. It’s nice - they’re smart, psychotic, little creatures. Always up to something. Except when they’re not - which is a lot of the time.

I’m focusing now. Might update later.

It’s later. I’m tired of cloud solutions and cloud providers. I understand their necessity but I find the jargon and what not annoying. I’ve also fallen out of favor with cloud storage solutions. It’s all fun and games until you realize you can never stop. The more photos you take the more storage you need - the more storage you need the more you pay for storage - the more storage you have the harder it is to free yourself from the system. Sure, 2 terabytes of storage is impressive until you need to download it all on a crumby Comcast connection that limits you, btw, to 1 terabyte a month.

Maybe, in my old age, I’m just regressing back into a physical media junky. Drop me off at the 1-hour photo stand, I got some film to develop.


just added some more

and more

and more

basically this is just a test post that i’m adding more to…to test.


It’s one of those things.

This year has not been a good blogging year for some reason. i’ve fallen out of love with the documentation process, i guess. purpose, generally speaking, seems to be eluding me. so much is meh.

  • art is meh
  • work is meh
  • computers are meh
  • data is meh
  • politics is meh
  • etc is meh

i work on automation now. making things flow easy so i can have more time to think.

but what about?

Happy Birthday

it was recently my grandma’s 99th birthday and my brother’s 47.

we’re all getting older by the minute and the promises of life seem further away.

2019 01 09 Everywhere

A day late and a dollar short - that’s what this post is.

Goodbye 2018

I tried to get a nice ascii art sad face made but it kept screwing up so i wiped it out and started this instead.

Happy New Year!